Introduction to the Catechesis

"The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd has been described as
the meeting of two mysteries: the mystery of God and mystery of the child.
When we use such a word as mystery, it indicates our attitude of respect and wonder,
our recognition that we are standing before something which is at once both knowable
and yet beyond our complete comprehension."

from the foreword of The Religious Potential of the Child, by Sofia Cavalletti

Welcome to our introduction of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a religious education program for children ages 3-12. Because it is attuned to the developmental and spiritual needs of children, the Catechesis experience is both religious education and spiritual formation. Our focus is on helping each child strengthen his or her personal prayer life, participation in corporate worship, and growing knowledge of the Bible and of God's unfolding salvific work throughout history. This holistic approach to Orthodox catechesis is enriching both our children and the volunteers who serve them, fostering a culture of continual spiritual growth.

Copyright 2009, Seraphima Sierra Butler