Themes Presented in the Catechesis

Here is a brief listing of some of the themes offered in CGS. It is not exhaustive, because the presentations are offered in such a way as to springboard into additional areas according the child’s interest.

Level I, ages 3-6 years, approximately

  • The Parable of the Good Shepherd
  • The Found Sheep
  • Psalm 23/22 (LXX)
  • The Articles of the Altar
  • Liturgical Colors
  • The Gestures of the Liturgy
  • The Vestments of the Priest
  • The Parables of the Kingdom of God
  • The Eucharistic Presence of the Good Shepherd
  • The Liturgical Calendar
  • Geography of the Holy Land
  • The Life of Christ (and those saints involved in these accounts)
    • Infancy Narratives
    • The Last Supper
    • The Death and Resurrection of Christ
  • Baptism and the Gifts of Baptism
  • Prayer
  • Prophecy
  • Art
  • Practical Life
  • Celebrations
    • Advent
    • Nativity
    • Light (Paschal)
    • Pentecost (includes an introduction to the gifts of the Holy Spirit)
    • Children's patron saints

Level II, ages 6-9, approximately

In addition to the themes listed for Level I,
we include for the older child:

  • Sacred History
  • The Gifts of the Kingdom of God
  • The Passion Narratives
  • The Wolf and Hireling
  • The Moral Parables
  • The Maxims of Jesus
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • An Introduction to the Structure and Study of the Bible
  • An Introduction to the Structure and Prayers of the Liturgy
  • Further study of Baptism, including the structure of the service
  • The Mystery of Life and Death
  • The Empty Tomb
  • Communal Prayer
  • The Reconciliation Retreat: a five-week series on the True Vine, followed by a two-day retreat, all focused on reconciliation (confession) and Eucharist.
  • Art
  • Practical Life
  • Celebrations as listed above

In addition to these themes, we at St. Athanasius include a very brief introduction to the great feasts for the Level I and Level II children. We hope to further the young children's experience of these seasonal liturgies by offering the essential “nugget” of each feast as it occurs. These introductions are incorporated into our time at the prayer table.

Level III, ages 9-12, approximately

As the spiral continues, the previous themes are present and the following themes are included:

  • Further Sacred History work
  • Old Testament History and Study
  • Typology
    • Creation
    • The Fall (Sin)
    • Abraham and Sarah
    • The Flood
    • The Exodus (Moses)
  • The Origin of the Liturgy of the Word
  • The Vestments of the Bishop
  • The Story of Bread
  • Passover
  • Additional Moral Parables
  • The Parables of Mercy
  • The Sacraments
  • Additional study on the Maxims of Jesus
  • The Virtues
  • The Miracles of Jesus
  • Moral Content of the Prophecies
  • Messianic Content of the Prophecies
  • Prophecies of the Parousia
  • The Call of the Prophets
  • The Struggles of the Prophets
  • Lives of the Saints
  • My Place in Sacred History
  • The Great Schism
  • Events of My Century
  • Additional study in the Structure of the Liturgy
  • The Prayers of Intercession
  • Communal Prayer
  • Celebrations as previously listed
  • Art
  • Further work on the Liturgical Calendar and the Great Feasts (SAOC adaptation)

Copyright 2009, Seraphima Sierra Butler