Teen Program - Jr. High and High School

The St. Athanasius Teen program includes all students grades 7-12. The group currently meets every Thursday evening.  The Junior and Senior High groups each have some time alone with the youth leaders, and both groups come together for dinner each week.  (Teen Religious Education currently meets at a separate time on Sundays right after the Eucharist.)

Teen activities include "Fire on Father," (where teens "fire" their burning questions at a priest), team building exercises and games, group discussions, Bible Bowl study sessions, broom ball, and other sports.   As a group, we seek to serve others in our community through projects that reach out to those in need, including the hungry and those without shelter.

We pray that together we will grow in faith, service, and love for each other, God and His Church.

For more information, contact our Teen Coordinator, Subdeacon Michael Easbey at measbey@gmail.com.



Subdeacon Michael Easbey was born and raised in Santa Barbara and in this parish. He has been working with the teens since 2016 and has been serving as the Teen Coordinator since 2018. On April 22, 2019, Michael was tonusured as a Subdeacon by His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH.  In addition to his work with the church and the teens, he works as the Director of Assisted Living for The Samarkand Retirement Community in Santa Barbara. He is working to continue his education via the Antiochian House of Studies program, from which he hopes to obtain a M.Th. in Applied Orthodox Theology.
Subdeacon Michael is married to Margaret Easbey, a librarian at McKinley Elementary school in Santa Barbara. She is also working to organize a library for the parish and she coordinates the meal trains for new mothers and families in need. They have two children: Michael James Jr. and Farley Clementine. In his free time, Subdeacon Michael enjoys playing music, golfing, cooking, and camping.