Youth Group Movie Night and Discussion on Homelessness

Junior High and High School Youth gathered for Movie Night on March 10, 2012On Saturday, the 10th of March, all the teens went over to the Encina Meadows Clubhouse for a movie night and discussion. We watched a movie called “The Soloist.” This movie was about a news reporter in Los Angeles, named Steve, who meets a homeless man named Nathaniel. Steve discovers that Nathaniel is a very gifted musician, and he played a violin with only two strings. Based on real-life people, this movie was a very good example of what homelessness is like today.

After the movie, we had a very productive discussion led by Jennifer Ferraez, Duane Franzen, and Jill Wallerstedt, who serve in our homeless outreach ministry, St. Brigid Fellowship.  Then they shared with us some of their most memorable moments of serving at St. Brigid’s.  We teens also shared some of our favorite interactions with the homeless. One of our teen leaders said, “I was serving a man at the Christmas breakfast at St. Brigid’s and when I served him some food, he pulled out his favorite ring and gave it to me. I still have it.”

That shows that even the littlest things can mean so much to a homeless person. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. We had a very good time.

                   John Butler, 14 years old, parishioner of St. Athanasius