Social Committee

St. Athanasius has an active social calendar throughout the liturgical year, which helps to build friendships and strengthen our Orthodox life. Many special occasions during the year offer the opportunity for social gatherings, which can be as simple as a cake and coffee or as complex as a major event including a full meal, activities and entertainment. Our socials include feast day events, such our Pascha celebrations; Family Night "open-mic" types of gatherings; soup dinners in Lent and Advent, and more. A team of people is recruited for each event to handle planning, food preparation, sign-ups, set up/clean up, and announcements.

Social events not only strengthen relationships with fun and fellowship, but they also give us the opportunity to grow in the virtues of serving one another, the church, and our larger community.  Social gatherings of all kinds are often a valuable means of sharing Orthodoxy with others. Please visit our Google Calendar on this site (bottom left-hand corner) and contact us if you would like to get involved. We have a place for you!