Strategy and Support

To broaden the scope of our church functions, we have developed a multi-phase strategy for our capital campaign. Phase one of the plan is to build our church and administration building at an estimated project cost of approximately $6,700,000. The next phase of the plan includes building a fellowship hall and chapel.

Our new church will be created to give glory to God. It will be a reflection of God through the exquisiteness of the icons and the beauty of the church. Its beauty will transcend that of a mere aesthetic experience: it will be spiritual.

The temple will serve to instruct, inspire and comfort the faithful and all who visit. Our new church will be built from the heart to be the best we are capable of offering God.

In addition, a new administration building is needed for staff members, clergy and volunteers. Staff and volunteers are essential in supporting the range of religious, education and community outreach programs needed for a vital, growing congregation.

Currently, administrative functions are located at several places. A centralized, functional space will allow us to work together with efficiency and will provide small meeting rooms to facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources.

After completion of the first phase, the second phase of the capital campaign will include the construction of a fellowship hall and chapel with an estimated project cost of approximately $5,000,000.

With a new fellowship hall, parishioners and the community can use the facility for weddings and other group activities. A prayer chapel will provide quiet, meditative space for small worship services, memorials, weddings, and personal reflection.

Building our dream and expanding our ministry will require a commitment from each of us. We will be making an eternal difference in the lives of others for generations.

Our success in achieving the campaign goal will depend on the involvement and sacrificial giving of everyone at St. Athanasius. We are asking for pledges from our members and friends in the community for donations that may be stretched over a five-year period.

Your support will ensure that St. Athanasius Orthodox Church continues to serve our congregation, our community and our God. Help celebrate the love God has given us for one another - past, present and future.