What is Catechesis of The Good Shepherd?

 The Catechesis (CGS) is an approach to the religious education and spiritual development of children that respects the pre-existent relationship between God and the child, and nurtures its continual maturation. By introducing the children first to the parable of the Good Shepherd, they come to understand that God is a Person Who provides safety, sustenance, and serenity to each and every one of His beloved sheep. This foundation is critical to their development as freely moral people.

The roots of CGS lie in the research and experience of Dr. Maria Montessori and those who have continued her work. A trained scientist and medical doctor, Montessori’s pioneering experiments in education took place over 100 years ago, yet continue to actively influence pedagogy in the public and private sectors today. Two of the most distinctive elements of her work are hallmarks of the CGS: a) a specifically prepared educational environment that draws out a personal response in the child and b) an exacting skill of observation employed by the adult. These two tools allowed her original students to experience an unprecedented level of academic success. By applying her method to religious education, Cavalletti and Gobbi opened a door to understanding the spiritual nature of the child, enabling adults to nurture the child’s spiritual formation and present information most effectively.

Copyright 2009, Seraphima Sierra Butler